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To order: please telephone or email to place an order. We are not an open farm for unscheduled visits but welcome customers by appointment. We are usually here but could well be working at some far flung corner of the farm so need to know you are coming so we can be around & tie up the dogs...
HATCHING EGGS - We have hatched our first few batches and all breeds are now laying so are happy to sell hatching eggs again. Please contact us to find out what breeds are available as we are running a waiting list for some breeds, if you wish to be added, please email us. £1.50-£1.75/egg depending on breed (see hatching eggs pages)
2 x WELSUMMER pullets, Jan 2014 hatched, from good dark egg laying strain £15 each
1 x IXWORTH pullet. Also Jan hatched £18
2 x CREAM LEGBAR hens. Laying £20 each
Pairs or trios of Large Fowl LA FLECHE. 2012/13 hatched. Ex-breed pen. Smart unusual birds, good layers of white/tinted eggs.  £30/£40 respectively
Pairs or trios of bantam CROAD LANGSHAN. 2012/13 hatched. Ex-breed pen. Beautiful black birds with beetle green sheen to their plumage and an unusal black eye £30/£40 respectively
Pair of pretty 2013 hatched PEKINS. White pullet with flecks of other colours, choice of accompanying cockerel (ginger or blue mottled) £25
Pairs of unrelated 2013 hatched CAYUGA ducks, now laying £45
COCKERELS (all 2013 hatched): Large fowl - Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Exchequer Leghorn, La Fleche, Salmon Faverolles. Bantams: Croad Langshan  £10-£20 depending on age/breed
SHEEP: (all are wormed & HeptavacP vaccinated)
1 X Kerry Hill ewe plus her twin ewe lambs at foot; she's 2011 born, well marked but not registered. The lambs are smart white with black head and legs by our Norfolk Horn ram.  £150
Several Balwen ewes with lambs at foot. Various ages, £85-150 depending on age, quality and number/sex of accompanying lambs. Available from late April once lambs are old enough to travel. £85-150
Registered Balwen rams. Two rams, father or son, 1 x shearling, 1 x 2008 born and our main stock ram. He is superb, by far the best Balwen ram we have ever used, but is now related to 2/3rds of our flock as his offspring are consistently the best marked. Can give breeding history, family trees etc.  Both are proven. £150 each.
None available at this time
CATTLE: (Within Tb test and able to travel until mid May)
Pedigree/registered RED RUBY DEVON heifers; Lew River Hazel. Born Oct 2012. Out of Bridwell Gloria, sire Cutcombe Jaunty by AI. A compact lovely looking quiet heifer, £995. Her ½ sister, Lew River Nutmeg, also available, born May 2013 by Bridwell Galaxy to same bull, £650.  
Young SHORTHORN BULL, Lew River Firethorn. Classic roan marked. Born April 2012. Proven. Has been used successfully on a few heifers and cows last summer. Quiet. Dam: Bowden Secret Crumpet, Sire: Dunsyre Cavalier (by AI). Mother, full brother and son can be seen. £1500
MEAT: Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the next available beef / pork / bacon, sausages & gammon / lamb / hogget / mutton
Beef: Next available 1 x SHORTHORNx beef in July 2014, it sells out fast so do order in advance if you would like some! We can take reservations for 10Kg & 15Kg mixed beef boxes (which include a variety of steaks, joints, mince, pasty & stewing beef).  Beef the way it used to taste, slow matured on grass, real 1980’s Sunday roast dinners! £95 (10 Kg) & £140 (15Kg) collected (add £15/£18 for nationwide delivery)
Lamb: Taking orders for ½ / whole lamb boxes for the freezer (available from July, & throughout the Autumn) - please email/call to discuss your butchering requirements. Mail order possible. All naturally reared at grass. Your chance to order meat by breed so you can compare. Approx whole butchered lamb weights: Balwen 10-13Kg, Shropshire 13-19Kg
See downloadable meat price list for prices
Training courses - we offer a range of SMALLHOLDER TRAINING COURSES at the farm in our purpose built training room and smallholder resource centre, please see our Training Pages for details of upcoming events - or to purchase gift vouchers for Christmas for training courses please email or call us.         £49.95 / person (accompanied under 16s £30) incl. VAT
NEW: Cow hide rug. A luscious red shorthorn hide with white fringes. Would look superb as a wall hanging, floor rug or bed cover. £295
Lamb skin rugs We have in stock a number of our own luscious white (Shropshire), brown balwen & grey gotland skins - lovely soft natural wool rugs for your chair, bed, pram, cat… endless uses! £60-£90 inc VAT
Wools on the ball, cone or washed and carded 100% wools available: natural, undyed, no chemicals. Can post at cost.
Creamy white Shropshire
50g Aran weight balls             £4.50 each
50g Chunky weight balls      £4.00 each
100g Aran hanks                £9.00
100g Chunky hanks            £8.00
Washed & carded wool                   £4.00/100g
Soft white Kerry hill
Cones of 2ply (various 300-500g)  £6.25/100g
Cones of 3ply (various 300-500g)  £6.00/100g
Rich brown Balwen
50g Aran balls                       £4.50 each
50g Chunky balls                £4.00 each
Cones of Aran weight                   £8.75/100g
Cones of Chunky weight      £6.75/100g
Washed & carded wool                     £4.00/100g
Complete raw fleeces - for spinning, weaving, rug making etc. Sold as shorn from the sheep minus the yucky bits! We are taking reservations for fleeces which will be available from April. Prices vary by breed and quality. £5-10 each
NB: hatching eggs, skins, wools and fresh meat can all be delivered by post/courier. Birds are sold by collection only. Weaners, sheep and lambs are by collection from the farm or by delivery for a small fee to cover fuel etc.  Prices for wool, lamb skins, fleece and willow are subject to VAT  
Lamb Skin Rugs Wool
Updated 20th March 2014

Vorwerk eggs Willow arbour Young cockerels taking
liberties in the garden

Orders can be taken in advance for:

  • Hatching eggs
  • Live birds / chicks / ducklings
  • Balwen sheep for breeding / ½ / whole lamb boxes
  • Large Black pigs for breeding / weaners / ½ pig / individual joints / sausages
  • Willows
  • Christmas trees
  • ELS application writing service

Payment is taken by cheque or cash on collection - Shortly we will be able to take payment by Credit Card through PayPal and also direct PayPal payments.

We produce a newsletter every 2 months which is emailed to our regular customers and contacts. If you would like to receive news of what is happening on the farm and what fresh produce is available please click here to be added to our list. Please be assured that we will hold your details in confidence and will not pass them on to any third parties. You can cancel your newsletter at any time by emailing us.

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